Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Wash, Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist:Review

I love fragrances (who doesn’t) and one of my favourite ones is Very Sexy from Victoria’s Secret. My brother had got me the trio set of body wash, body lotion and fragrance mist in a lovely red handbag 3 years ago and I had absolutely loved the fragrance. Recently, when hubby’s aunt was coming from USA, I had asked her to get me this set again. However, this time it came in a black handbag which I didn’t like.

Description of Very Sexy on Victoria’s Secret website : Fierce. Hot. Very Sexy. Start the ultimate seduction. Vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine and midnight blackberry.

Packaged in sexy red tubes and bottle, the Very Sexy name is embossed on one side in silver dots.

The body wash is a thick gel that lathers beautifully. Just a coin sized amount is needed for the entire body. And the fragrance!!! It is simply fabulously sexy. And it lingers very long too. Not just my bathroom, my bedroom too is filled with this awesome fragrance for quite some time after my shower.

The body lotion is a white lotion that is not too thick or creamy. It is quite a lit lotion but again with the gorgeous Very Sexy fragrance. And yes, the fragrance really does last long. Especially since I also follow it with the fragrance mist.

The fragrance mist is a light version of the Very Sexy perfume. The perfume comes in a beautiful rectangular glass bottle while this mist comes in a plastic one. Though the plastic looks a bit cheap, I don’t mind it coz the fragrance is so wow!

It is a fruity, musky perfume that I really love. And I feel that it truly smells sexy. Fragrance is a very personal thing though, so not everyone might like what my olfactory nerves love. (Hubby loves this fragrance on me though…hehe).

The entire set, with a handbag, was priced approximately $40 plus tax (about Rs. 2200) in USA.

Because this is not available in India (it is actually, but at ridiculously high prices), I reserve this trio for weekends or special occasions when I want to smell………….Verrrrryyyyy Sexxxxxyyyy.

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