Dupe Alert!! Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish in #9…Dupe for Chanel LeVernis Taboo

Yes, I know it’s the season for pop coloured nails, pretty pinks, cool corals, bright blues….but sometimes, amongst all the bubble-gummy colours, you want something vixenish, something deep, dark and mysterious, something gothic but romantic, something that costs Rs. 1500 in the Chanel store…..

But fret not pretty girls, coz you can have that vixenish colour for…..Rs. 350 *applause*.
Chanel Taboo dupe Bourjois #9
You know, how in Bollywood movies, they show identical twins getting separated in the Kumbh ka Mela, then one grows up in the lap of luxury while the other is a gaon ki gori or a road side Romeo? Such is the case with Chanel’s Taboo and Bourjois’ 1 seconds nail polish in #9. So while one comes from the ultra chic French house of Chanel, the other comes from a more bourgeois (meaning middle class) house of Bourjois.
Bourjois 1seconde polish #9 Chanel taboo dupe
Chanel Taboo dupe
The colour is a deep, dark purple with micro-fine reddish/magenta and bronze shimmers adding to the mystery and allure of this gorgeous colour. And just like any mystery is difficult to solve, it was very, very difficult for me to capture this colour on my nails accurately. I tried so very hard to get super close up shots of my nails but all I managed to do was smudge my freshly applied polish.
Chanel Taboo dupe Bourjois #9 swatches
1nail = 1 stroke = 1 second. That’s what this polish claims and comes with a really thick, flat brush which sometimes makes the application a bit messy too. One coat does give opaque coverage, but it does NOT dry in 1 second.
Chanel Taboo dupe swatch
I’ve tried to capture how the shimmer looks on the nail but the picture isn’t very clear. What is clear, though, is that this is a beautiful “Romantic-Goth” (my term for it) colour and would look fabulous no matter what your skin tone. And if you’ve hankered after the Taboo (1500 bucks for a polish makes it taboo anyway…lol), do get this one. Your wallet will be quite grateful.

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  1. Chanel and Bourjois are the same compagny : chanel is luxurious brand and bourjois is more affordable also it’s not surprising that there are some similitaries ^^
    Alice http://cosmetoandco.canalblog.com

  2. Shanaya Sinner says: Reply

    I love dupes !! This shade looks lovely Dollie..
    Looking forward to meeting you again 😀 <3

  3. the shade is bright and lovely 🙂 Following you 🙂


  4. V pretty shade Dollie 🙂

  5. That’s a super perfect dupe.. and lovely shade.. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. You’re welcome 🙂

  6. this is such a pretty shade !! btw i really like ur blog’s name <3

    1. Thanks Deeptima 🙂

  7. its a perfect dupe.. and a amazing color..


    1. Yup…so save ur money 😉

  8. Corallista says: Reply

    I am so trying this out Dollie, thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked Ankita 🙂

  9. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    That does seems to be really close! wow….And what an amazing shade! 🙂

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