Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++

Update 16/09/2014:
Last June, when I had used this and reviewed it, I had really not liked the texture. I felt it to be too sticky and heavy on my skin and decided to stash it away till winter. It was at the end of winter that I finally remembered this and took it out to give it another shot. 
Surprisingly, this time it worked wonderfully. I used a pea-sized amount for the entire face, warmed it up really well between my fingers and then dotted it on my face and blended it with the fingers. I guess the warming up that I did made the texture slightly less “gloopy” and  easier to blend. This time around, it didn’t feel like it was clogging my pores either but gave a natural, polished, unified look. I used it all through my holiday in Chiang Mai and Phuket and it really worked well even in the hot, humid weather. Because it’s almost over now, I thought this definitely deserved an updated review.
So, what does that teach us? Don’t give up on anything if it doesn’t work the first time. Give it another chance…you never know. It might just impress you. And why just things, this holds true for people too, don’t you think? Everyone, and everything, deserves a second chance 😉
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream
Though I really love makeup and all beauty related stuff, I don’t use much of it. I’m more of a hoarder and so, on my trip to Hong Kong, I had decided not to splurge on beauty stuff. And I really did have tremendous self restraint (most of the times). On the last day of my stay in HK, I went to the Étude House store. There was such a looooooonnnnnnnng queue to enter the store, can you believe it?? And I waited for half an hour in the line too!
Etude House, Hong Kong
The store was so small and so crowded, it was very difficult for me to browse. There was a huge variety of face masks and BB creams. But to reach out, grab a pack of face mask and then find the English writing on it in such a crowded store is not an easy task. And I anyway didnt want to buy loads of unnecessary stuff. Finally, I bought the Precious Minerals BB cream, which came with a mini BB brush, and the Missing U Hand Cream.
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream
The Precious Minerals Bright Fit BB Cream comes in a pearly peach coloured tube with purple cap and pump. The pump makes it very convenient to squeeze out the correct amount of product required and because the cream is very thick and you really don’t need much to cover the entire face.
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream
Etude House Precious House BB Cream nozzle
This BB cream claims to be “Whitening and anti-wrinkle and anti-darkening” so of course I had quite high expectations from it. Since it is so thick, I applied just a little to my face. Being a BB cream, it gives sheer coverage, and while it doesn’t cover all the spots and freckles, it does kind of give a unified look to the skin with a dewy coverage. That was the only thing I liked about it, unfortunately.
Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream Swatch
However, it felt really thick and sticky on my face. It felt as though my skin couldn’t breath. My pores too looked much more noticeable and though the shade I got was correctly matched, it cast a greyish tint on my face. Because it felt so sticky, my face got oily within a couple of hours. (I have combination skin btw, dry on my cheeks and slightly oily on my T-zone.)
I really don’t feel like giving up on this BB cream though. I’ll try it again in winter when my skin is a bit drier. Hopefully it won’t make my skin oily then. I hate it when I buy something and have high expectations from that product, I look forward to using it but then get disappointing results 🙁
The BB cream and brush set cost me HK$ 138 which is approximately Rs. 1015. I haven’t used the brush yet, but it seems very nice. I’ll give this cream one more try and if it still makes my skin oily, I’ll let it hibernate till winter.

15 Replies to “Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++”

  1. Paige McKinnon says: Reply

    Etude House released a updated version of this BB Cream a little while ago~ ^ – ^
    Maybe you could see if that one work for you? ^ w ^

  2. Oho.. A let down for the price :-

  3. Preety Khanna says: Reply

    Omg, thats like expensive!
    BB creams are so over rated..they’re like one layer of light foundation..I use my Very Me Peach Perfect foundation..and it works great!

  4. I want to try out their products too. have seen them online though. Wish they get available here.:)

  5. I really want etude house in india.. their packagings are so cute especially the lippies..

    1. Totally agree….their packaging is adorable.

  6. nice review. subscribing to your blog. do check out my blog if you have time :)

    1. Thanks Arshi 🙂 will surely check out ur blog.

  7. too bad it dint work on you….lets see if it does during winter 🙂

    1. Hope it does work when my skin is drier 🙂

  8. too bad it dint work on you….lets see if it does during winter 🙂

  9. though its quite pricey fr me… it sounds good and nicee 🙂

    1. Didnt really work for me 🙁

  10. Rajalakshmi Murali says: Reply

    Nice review.. Though i have not used their stuffs, i love their cosmetics collection.. they look so cute..

    1. Yup, they really have very cute packaging.

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