This Glossy, Shiny, Bright Flormar Lippie Will Make Your Lips Go Mwaahhh…

I know, I know, all of you are laughing at the title of this post. Well, if you try out this lipstick, chances are that you (and your lips) would want to agree with me.

I got this 3 gm beauty in my May Vellvette box. Vellvette had put up a picture of these lippies on their Facebook page and I had asked them to send me a bright pink or a coral lippie. And the sweet folks at Vellvette did actually send me a bright pink (shade #D31)….a really bright, blue based, almost neonish, Barbie-doll pink! I gaped at it for quite some time wondering if I would be able to carry off a colour that bright, beautiful though it was. Finally, I wore it on Sunday when I was going out for brunch. I felt it was just perfect for a lazy, summery, Sunday brunch. And I LOVED it!!! (Though hubby felt it was a little too bright.)
Flormar is a cosmetics brand that is part of the French group Yves Rocher (Yves Rocher had opened a store in Mumbai a few years ago but unfortunately, it shut before I had a chance to visit it). Here’s what  Flormar has to say about its Deluxe Shine Stylo Lipstick:
Deluxe Stylo lipstick with an ultimate and glamorous shiny effect.
Special formula enriched with Argan oil, Vitamin E, Omega 6; Cacao butter; gives a unique and translucent appearance and glossy reflection while making it ultra-hydrating and nourishing for your lips leaving lips soft and supple without any greasiness.

Packaging and texture: The lipstick comes in a sleek black tube with just the shade number mentioned on the bottom of the tube. If you have more than one lipstick from this collection, though, it would be difficult to find the right shade without opening the tube. Unless, of course, you remember the shade numbers coz there are no shade names. 
Texture wise,this lipstick is amazing. Super smooth and creamy, it actually feels like it is gel that has been solidified. And it is soooo shiny! It glides on like a dream and though creamy, the colour has a certain translucence to it. Even when you wear two or three coats of it, if you have pigmented lips like I do, it doesn’t give total opacity. And it is GLOSSY! There’s absolutely no need to wear gloss over this. The texture reminded me a lot of Chanel Rouge Coco Shine but this one’s glossier (and costs one third  of what the Chanel one costs…but then, its Chanel.)
There is a pleasant but faint candy-like fragrance in this lipstick but it doesn’t last long. Being such a glossy lipstick, it transfers a bit onto glasses and cups. On me it lasted fora couple of hours before I ingested it with my brunch! Honestly, be prepared to reapply frequently if you’re going to be eating anything at all. It does leave behind a faint stain though that didnt look bad. 
I’ve already spoken about the bright, pop colour of this lipstick. This is how it looks on me…

Priced at Rs. 700 for a 3gm tube. Availability seems to be a bit of an issue though. I haven’t seen Flormar retail anywhere in Mumbai, but then I haven’t been out shopping since I came back from my holiday. It still isn’t on the Vellvette website either but will soon be. I’d love to get a nice glossy peachy-beige from this collection.

What do you think of this lipstick?

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  1. Hey you posted your lips on facebook contest right? haha!! I got the red one,didn’t liked it,already have 4 reds.

  2. a big thanks for following on bloglovin… i would be thankful if u follow me on GFC too… i just followed you …

  3. heyy .. nice post… would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin.


  4. Loving the banner, and you’ll have to share the swatches of those gorgeous Sephora glitters!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I haven’t used even a single glitter yet…I’ve just used four colours from this set till now. Will do a swatch post.

  5. very pretty shade u got there… I received a cherry red.. these are very nice lippies..

    1. Cherry red in this glossy finish…I’m sure it must be looking fab.

  6. such a pretty pretty pink ! the title does seems apt 😀
    love it on u Dollie<3

  7. very pretty shade:)
    n u make lovely headers fr ur blog :*

  8. Richa Saxena says: Reply

    This is a beautiful Pink Dollie! Looks great on you…Great Review!

    1. Thank you Richa 🙂

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