Lancôme Vernis In Love #105M Corail In Love

I gave you a glimpse of a beautiful coral nail polish in this post when I also showed you the gorgeous coral Lancôme Gloss In Love. So this post is about the pretty polish.

Inspired by the new trendy Rouge In Love lip collection, Vernis in Love is a high potency nail laquer perfectly themed to compliment every woman’s mood and style. With ultimate brillance, intense color, and a mistake-free application, your nails will love the lasting shine and pop of color that stays put for days.


You must be wondering if this is really how the polish looks when it is freshly applied. Nooooo, this is how the polish looks on the fourth day! If you read this blog, you must be aware that no polish lasts on my nails beyond day 2, and for this to look so beautiful even on the fourth day makes it a clear winner for me. 


And this is the freshly applied polish. Isn’t it a gorgeous colour? I’m wearing two coats on my nails because this is a mid tone colour. The other polish that I have, Miss Coquelicot, just one coat gives opaque coverage (shall review that soon). 

Lancôme Vernis In Love comes in a chic rectangular bottle with a black cap and the little gold Lancôme rose on the bottle. Besides the wear time, the other wonderful thing about this polish is its brush. It’s thick enough to coat the nail on my little finger in one stroke. The brush deposits the perfect amount of colour and makes for really smooth, bubble-free application. 
The formulation of this polish is also beautiful and very pigmented. The polish doesn’t streak at all and the sheen does definitely last for four days! 

Lancôme Vernis In Love is priced at Rs. 800 for 6ml, which is almost the same as MAC’s 950 for 10ml.   Since this lasts so long and so beautifully on my nails, I really find it worth the price. I don’t even need to apply a top coat coz this one is so glossy. I would really love to add more colours from this range to my collection. 

Have you tried Lancôme Vernis In Love? 

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  1. Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters says: Reply

    The coral shade is so prettyy.. I like such shades 🙂 🙂

  2. Farhat Sultana says: Reply

    pretty shade…

  3. though expensive but the shade and finish looks very nice! 🙂

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