Lancome Rouge In Love Asian Expertise Trio 230M, 163B and 132M

You all know by now how much I love Lancome’s makeup. Their skincare hasn’t really agreed much with me but their makeup, especially their foundation, Teint Miracle, the eyeshadows, the Vernis In Love polishes (reviews here and here) and of course the Rouge In Love lipstick. (This reminds me, I haven’t yet reviewed the Rouge Absolue lipstick yet). I love the shade 230M Rose Rendezvous that I have reviewed here and now, here are some more…

Lancome Rouge In Love Travel Exclusive Trio
Lancome Rouge In Love Travel Exclusive Trio
I actually wanted to buy the new Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy lipsticks from the Duty Free at Phuket airport but elder son had very high fever and I had to give him his medicines (fell into the sea from the water scooter and swallowed a lot of sea water…long story) so I couldn’t really browse through the Duty Free. I also wanted to swatch the new Dior Addict Fluid Stick but anyway…
When we landed at Bangkok’s Suwarnabhoomi airport, it was time for the medication again and we had to buy some gifts since we had done no shopping at all in Phuket and Chiang Mai (shocking, I know). So while buying the required gifts for mom, niece etc, I finally had a chance to check out the makeup. But disappointingly, that Duty Free counter didn’t have EL Pure Colour Envy and just a few shades of the Dior Addict Fluid Stick all of which were very dark. So I just bought this one quickly because we had to board our flight to Mumbai.
Lancome Rouge In Love Travel Exclusive Trio
Picture taken in daylight
This trio of the Rouge In Love is labelled as “Asian Color Expertise” since these are shades that are curated to look good on Asian skin tones. I guess by “Asian” skintones they are referring to the South East Asian skintones because two of these shades are too light for most Indian skin tones.
The Trio consists of three shades: 230M – Jolie Matins, 163B – Rose St. Honore and 132M – Corail In Love. Please note these are all ASIAN EDITIONS and the colour names, numbers and even shades differ from the ones available here in India as well as in USA, Europe etc.
Lancome Rouge In Love Asian Expertise swatches
Picture taken in daylight
Notice how pink the 230M looks? I felt these Asian editions to be slightly less pigmented than the USA / France editions that are available here. For these swatches, I had to apply three layers to get the colour to be so opaque.
Now, I already had the shade 230M so I wasn’t going to swatch it. But when I opened it to take a pic with the other two lipsticks in this trio, I realised that it looked very different from the one that I had! The shade names were different too! The one I had was 230M Rose Rendezvous while this one was 230M Jolie Matins.
Lancome Rouge In Love 230M - European and Asian Editions
Picture taken in daylight
Lancome Rouge In Love 230M European and Asian Editions
Lancome Rouge In Love swatches
Picture taken in daylight
Now what would happen if you saw my review of 230M and decided to buy it from or from any Lancome store in south east Asia? You would get the light pink shade and then you would curse me and think that I have edited the pics so that the colour doesn’t show accurately. So please be very careful while ordering Rouge In Love online. For that matter, even the foundations because Lancome’s foundation numbering for USA and Europe is different from that of Asia and you might end up getting the wrong shade.
230M Jolie Matins
picture taken in yellow light
This is a light beige-y pink lipstick that would totally wash out a skintone darker than NC42. Yes, it would look fabulous on “Asian skintones” but on me this colour needs some effort. I can’t just swipe this on and go…I’d look like a ghost. I need a little BB/foundation, kohl/liner to make this work, especially since I have pigmented lips.
230M Rose Rendezvous
Picture taken in yellow light
A dusky rosy-brown shade that is my favourite “wear-everywhere” shade. It is perfect for office wear as well as for PTA meetings etc.
163B Rose St. Honore
Picture taken in yellow light
This is a gorgeous shade and the picture simply doesn’t do it justice. It isn’t dark but or overly bright but it surely brightens up the entire face. This is an effortless colour and you can swipe this on and run out the door and you’ll look lovely.
132M Corail In Love
Picture taken in yellow light
Corail In Love is not really coral…it is more like a pink-y peach and just like Jolie Matins, it needs some working on my skintone to look good. As a colour, it is very pretty but one would expect a Coral to be bright, which this one is not. Perhaps on someone fairer whose lips aren’t pigmented, this would look brighter, but not on me. So, I repeat, please be sure of the shade if you are ordering these lipsticks online or buying from any South East Asian country.
And now for the price. The Lancome Rouge In Love lipsticks are priced at Rs. 1750 each. This travel exclusive trio was priced at BHT (Thai Bhat) 2340 which is approximately Rs. 4220. So of course, the trip does work out cheaper than if you were to buy three individual lipsticks.
Whew…that was quite a long and picture heavy post. Which Lancome Rouge In Love did you like?

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  1. They launched the Air De Teint Miracle today….need to check that out soon coz teint miracle is my fave foundation ever!

  2. Thanks Smita. I’ll surely check out your YT video 🙂

  3. Yup, he’s fine now. Was on antibiotics for a week though 🙁

  4. Thanks Preethi 🙂

  5. The colours are really nice but the two lighter ones need a but of work to carry off on medium skintones.

  6. Oh my god…I have to get my hands on these…honestly these r just totally my type of shades…yes I agree with the issue of different shades in different places but these ones I totally totally loved…

    you have a lovely blog 🙂

    do check out my latest video-

  7. beautiful shades.. Generally there are one shade for which I feel dnt want it.. but all 3 of these looks really nice

  8. Pooja Mittal says: Reply

    U have all those gorgeous lipsticks, I am so J
    132 m is my fav
    Keep in touch

  9. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Teint Miracle foundation is the same. PO3 in Asia is pasty-light and it is medium in the rest of the world. I’ve heard there are different editions for Lip Lover as well. I only buy when I’m sure the edition is not Asian.

  10. Yes, they are very different. When I saw the colours on the box, I had no idea they would turn out to be so light. I had really hoped that the Corail In Love would be a nice mid-tone coral. In fact, when I checked my post on the Rouge In Love swatches, I realised that there is no 163B and 132M in India. Why does Lancome have to do something so silly? Why cant they have uniform numbers and shades?

  11. MyBeautyJunction says: Reply

    Jolis Matins is actually 106M in the rest of the planet. The Asian editions seem to be absolutely different in terms of shades, intensity, names and numbers. Corail in Love is 322M in the rest of the world and it is the colour Emma Watson wore in the ads – again looks very different from the Asian edition. I am obsessed with the Rouge in Loves, as you can see lol, and own some 10 so far. But thankfully no Asian editions.

  12. Beauty Frontline says: Reply

    I simply love all the shades, beautiful lip swatches 🙂

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