Skincare Tips For Men

You know, it’s so strange, I used to get emails asking me to write about men’s grooming and men’s fashion trends on the blog. I never really considered it seriously till Garnier Men launched it’s #SayNoToBars campaign asking men to ditch the soap bars and switch to face washes. I really liked the campaign and the funny video and I do agree that men need to take care of their skin. So, here are some skincare tips for men…

* Cleanse Your Face

 and not with the same soap you bathe with. In fact, I’d recommend ditching the soap bar and switching to a shower gel. Think about it, your face, unprotected and open to the elements, battles the heat and pollution everyday. Sweat too! Cleanse it properly, twice a day, with a facewash suitable for your skin type. The humidity in the monsoons usually make one’s skin oilier so you could try out the Garnier Men Oil Clear Face Wash that removes excess oil without drying out the skin. If you have acne, the Garnier Men Acnofight Face Wash would be a good choice.

* Exfoliate Once A Week

This is not just for the face, but for the whole body. A weekly exfoliation gets rid of the dirt and grime as well as the dead skin cells and is necessary if you want to keep blackheads and whiteheads at bay. For the body, let’s settle for a monthly scrub if weekly sounds too much, OK? The simplest scrub would be mixing your shower gel with rice flour and using that paste as a scrub. Don’t want that hassle? There are loads of body scrubs available in a wide range of fragrances. Find something that floats your boat.
* Use A Good Shave Gel and Razor:
Shaving gel these days have good emollients that sooth the skin, soften the hair and reduce the number of nicks and cuts you get while shaving. A good razor is very important too and ensure that the blade is sharp to prevent razor burn. Since shaving irritates the skin, calm it with a nice, alcohol-free after shave gel/lotion.
* Moisturise
Your skin needs to be moisturised. Accept it! And then use something according to your skin type. There are several oil-free moisturisers available that will infact, help keep your oily skin matte. The Garnier Men Power Light Sweat + Oil Control would be a good choice for the monsoons. Skincare is not restricted to the skin on your face. The skin on the rest of your body too needs to be moisturised, especially in winters, so use a nice body lotion, if not the whole year, then at least in winter.
* Use A Sunscreen
Not for vanity or to prevent tanning but to protect the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, a sunscreen is a must. Think of the number of hours you spend in the sun (even indirect sunlight counts) while commuting to work in the car/train etc. So, protect your skin with a good sunscreen.
* Use A Night Cream
The way you put your cellphone for charging at night, your skin too, needs to be charged as well as soothed. A good night cream is very essential especially if you’re in your thirties.
That’s it. Make these minor changes and take care of your skin 🙂
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