Indian Shringar Turns Two With A New Look And A Twitter Contest

Indian Shringar turns two
At least this “baby” won’t have “Terrible Twos” 😉
It sounds like such a cliché when someone says “Time Flies” and yet, when I realised that the blog is turning two, those are the first words that come to mind. I simply can’t believe that it’s been two years since I started this blog, on a total whim, without any sort of planning (and with terrible photography skills, not that they’re any better now) or research on how really to start and maintain a blog. These two years, for me, have literally been a “hands-on” learning experience.
But what a fabulous experience! To know that people actually read what you have to say, to go somewhere and have people tell you that they read your blog, these are beautiful experiences. These two years have also given me so many new friends. Friends who are separated by distance, who might never meet me, or just occasionally at events and yet who connect and bond because of our love of all things beauty. A big thank you to all of you.

Coming to the new look for the blog, I had been thinking of changing the blog banner since quite some time. I wanted something contemporary, and yet with an Indian touch. With my nearly non-existent tech skills, I tried to make as many different banners as I could but nothing really came close to what I had in mind. Perhaps I will hire a graphic designer someday to translate what I have in mind into pixels, but for now, I wanted to do it myself. And that’s when this design came to me, simple, clean and yet with a slightly Indian touch. The two red “bindis”!
What do you think of it? I’d love to get your feedback, positive and negative.
Indian Shringar new blog banner
And now, for the contest. Contests actually, because I do have a couple of things planned to celebrate the blog turning two.

You’ve seen my Khoobsurat Moment posts and now it’s time to get ready with your Khoobsurat Moments. Today, ie. 18th September, from 12-5, Indian Shringar will be hosting a Khoobsurat Moment contest on twitter, sponsored by L’Oreal Paris. All you have to do is follow @indianshringar and @lorealparisin on twitter and tweet to us your #KhoobsuratMoment (don’t forget this hashtag).The weekend will see another contest And then, I’m planning two more contests in the coming weeks. Sound good? Stay tuned and spread the word.

So, that’s enough rambling from me for the moment. See you all, with your friends, on twitter tomorrow.

And yes, I really want your feedback on the new look….

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14 Replies to “Indian Shringar Turns Two With A New Look And A Twitter Contest”

  1. ektakhetan says: Reply

    Loved the new look.

  2. Saachi Garg says: Reply

    Indeed! I can understand how proud a moment this might be for you as I too just started my own blog around 4 months back and now know how much time and energy consuming blogging can be!

  3. Thanks a lot Preethi 😊

  4. Thanks Saachi. Feels so nice to have your efforts appreciated 😃

  5. Thanks so much Dolon 😃

  6. congrats and really liked the new look 🙂

  7. Congrats the new look

  8. Aditya Yadav says: Reply

    Happy Bday Live Long Indian Shringar

  9. Saachi Garg says: Reply

    Congrats on completing 2 years of blogging! And a big thumbs up on the banner! Looking forward to joining in your twitter contest tomorrow!

  10. Poutpretty says: Reply

    Happy Birthday Indian Shringar and the banner looks great 🙂

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