L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks – Review and Swatches (And Dupe Alert!)

What’s creamy, satiny smooth, incredibly pigmented and long-lasting and comes in 15 gorgeous shades, each one more beautiful and tempting than the other????
L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks - review and swatches
These lipsticks are just FABULOUS! L’Oreal has relaunched them with an all new packaging and I think they have also modified the formulation a bit because these are far better than the earlier version. I simply love products that live up to their claims and I must say these lipsticks do just that. I was so thrilled when L’Oreal sent me six shades to review! The shades I got are Always Apricot, Charismatic Coral, Forever Fuchsia, Ravishing Red, Persistent Plum and Resilient Raisin.
L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks review and swatches
From left to right – Always Apricot, Charismatic Coral, Forever Fuchsia, Ravishing Red, Persistent Plum, Resilient Raisin.

About L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks :

“Looking for a lipstick that makes it through your morning coffee and lasts till your evening wine? Do you have complaints like – too sticky, too dull, fades easily – while choosing your lip product? L’Oreal Paris has found a solution to your lip color woes. L’Oreal Paris introduces 15 gorgeous new shades of Infallible Le Rouge lipsticks for luxurious, comfortable and long-lasting lip colour. The new range boasts of classic favourites updated with a broad spectrum of exciting new colours, from subdued neutrals to lively, vibrant shades. Now enjoy 10 hours of vivid, high definition colour whilst the hydrating Vitamin E keeps your lips moist and relaxed.”



L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick review and swatch
From left to right – Always Apricot, Charismatic Coral, Forever Fuchsia, Ravishing Red, Persistent Plum, Resilient Raisin.
The earlier avatar of the Infallible lipsticks came in a silver tube with a transparent cap. A bit ho-hum. This new version is all vibrant and spunky with a black base and coloured cap similar to the lipstick colour. This makes it so easy to search for the colour you want. While the packaging doesn’t look high-end or luxe, it is quite unique and easily distinguishable. And fun too! The cap snaps shut tight so there’s no risk of it opening accidentally in the handbag and messing things up.


What do I say about the texture of these lipsticks?
Creamy – check
Weightless – check
Non-drying – check
Satin finish – check
The Infallible Le Rouge ticks all the right boxes! It also is very pigmented and you need just one layer to give your lips an opaque coat of vibrant colour. Yes, even if you have pigmented lips like I do!
“Based on L’Oreal’s Color Bond Technology formula, Infallible lipstick contains a combination of silicon microspheres that ensure only the richest lip colour is left on a woman’s lips. This exceptional formula fused with an expansive palette of hues promises a lip look for any desired occasion, from a delicate whisper of colour to a vibrant red. No flaking and no fading, these bold, luscious shades last all day long, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. “
L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge lipstick - review and swatches
L'Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick - review and swatches.
From left to right – Always Apricot, Charismatic Coral, Forever Fuchsia, Ravishing Red, Persistent Plum, Resilient Raisin.
These swatches are just a SINGLE swipe of the lipstick. That’s how pigmented they are. And smooth and creamy too as you can see. No tugging or pulling or feeling of dryness on the lips!
Those of you who follow me on Instagram (if you don’t follow me, please do. Just click here) must have seen this picture I put up this morning:
Yes, my skin looks terrible in this pic.
I applied Forever Fuchsia around 10:30 this morning and then posted this pic while going to pick up son from playschool. It is still almost intact on my lips, right now at 00:18 as I type this! I’ve had lunch, coffee, snack, dinner, and it has just faded a little from the inner rim!!! My lips don’t feel dry either.  Unbelievable!
Here’s a picture of me wearing Resilient Raisin…check out the smooth texture.


I also mentioned on twitter (http://twitter.com/indianshringar. Please follow) that the Infallible lipsticks are a dupe for a high end one. Well, my favourite long-lasting-yet-comfortable-and-non-drying lipsticks are the Estee Lauder Double Wear lipsticks (reviewed here and here) but these new Infallible ones have taken over the crown. The texture is almost identical with the Infallible ones being a bit smoother than the Double Wear and both give a satin finish. The Infallible infact, lasts a bit longer than the Double Wear! So the dupe turns out to be the better buy 😉


While some people have expressed shock at the price hike for the new avatar of the Infallible lipsticks, it actually isn’t that much. The earlier versions cost ₹900 while these trendy new versions cost ₹999. A ₹100 price hike isn’t as shocking as the way certain other brands have increased their prices. And for the kind of quality you get, I feel the Infallible lipsticks are worth every rupee! After all, you’d spend double for an Estee Lauder one, wouldn’t you?
For more information, you can check out the L’Oreal website here.


Yes, I have been giving “my views” all through this post, but I just thought I’d sum it up here. I absolutely LOVE this range of lipsticks. If I had to crib about something, I’d say that the packaging isn’t luxe. It’s just a plastic tube but I have to admit, the tubes do look very vibrant and colourful when arranged on the dresser. Seriously, do get at least one shade from this range. It will be difficult for you to stop at just one…
Disclaimer: PR samples. Honest opinion based on my experience.

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  1. I agree… All shades are lovely and the texture too.

  2. Sure…will put up more lip swatches one I manage to take nice pics 🙂

  3. Thanks. I love the Plum too 🙂

  4. dendiva4u says: Reply

    very vibrant shades… luved ravishing red and charismatic coral. nice post!!

  5. Awesome shades and I totallly loved your clicks 🙂 more lip swatches plz

  6. Hetal Shah says: Reply

    Awesome D :-*
    Love almost all shades especially Forever Fuchsia & Ravishing Red are gorgeous.
    Would be trying them soon 🙂

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