#HairIsFashion With The Show Stopping Hair Collection From Lakme – My Hair Makeover.

#HairIsFashion Makeover at the Lakme Absolute Salon
Lakme and I go back a long, long way, right to my childhood when there was just one Lakme salon, THE salon to go to for the posh SoBo (South Bombay) ladies. Aged four, chubby little me had my first haircut at Lakme from a pretty lady called Frenny. I would look forward to the monthly trips to Lakme with my grandma, mom and aunts and I would love sitting there while they got their facials done. Perhaps that’s what kicked off my love for all things beauty.
Over the years, Lakme the brand underwent several makeovers and transformations and has added the Absolute range of makeup to it’s portfolio along with the Lakme Absolute Salons. It is at the Lakme Absolute Salon in Bandra that I went for my hair makeover.  Clothes and accessories are fashion, but #HairIsFashion too!
#HairIsFashion with Lakme Absolute Salon.

About The Show Stopping Hair Collection

“The Lakme Fashion Week 2014 runway saw the return of the edgy and the unconventional. Case in point? The high octane collection of Show Stopping Hair. A fine blend of classic and modern styles, this collection showcases a skillful versatility of technique in cuts and colours. A collaboration many months in the making, our runway experts, along with ace hairstylist Winnie Lou, have put together a stunning array of hairstyles for the everyday runway diva.” 
While this mommy diva absolutely loved the Auburn Blend featured above, age and lifestyle demand subtlety. There is no way I can go to son’s school with flaming red highlights, thank-you-very-much. So my stylist, Deepak, and I decided to go for really subtle highlights that would add dimension to my hair without being too in-your-face.
Since my hair was already cut in layers and I had side bangs (though overgrown), we decided to just give it a trim. This is the best part about the Hair Collection, each style can be highly personalised to suit individual requirements.
#HairIsFashion with Lakme salon
Getting the higlights done.
#HairIsFashion with Lakme Salon
With all the highlight foils in place, I had to wait for 40 minutes for the hair to get coloured. Doesn’t it look like some intergalactic, space age hair style with all the aluminium foils in my hair?
After 40 minutes, the hair was shampooed and it was time for the trim….
#HairIsFashion at Lakme salon
Once the hair was blow dried, the bangs were cut…..
#HairIsFashion with Lakme salon
#HairIsFashion with Lakme Salon
And here is the final look. The highlights are really subtle and though they are visible to the eye, it is difficult for the camera to capture them. I had to try taking pics from different angles to capture them in some. But they really look very subtle and chic when seen in person.
Can you see the highlights in a couple of the pictures? I really love how it looks. This look is very wearable and even if I don’t blowdry, it looks great even on the wavy natural texture of my hair.
#HairIsFashion with Lakme salon
#HairIsFashion with Lakme salon


I’m surely going back next month for my roots touchup. I loved how the stylist understood the kind of look I wanted and didn’t push me to try a look that I wouldn’t be comfortable with. The Lakme Absolute salon in Bandra is really a wonderful salon and I’m glad to be going back to Lakme after a gap of a decade and a half. I would highly recommend coming here for your stylish hair makeover. After all, #HairIsFashion, isn’t it?
Disclaimer: The service was sponsored by Lakme. Review and opinion are honest and unbiased. 

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  1. The Fleamarket Queen says: Reply

    same pinch 🙂 you look great !!!

  2. Thank you. And it’s easy to maintain too 🙂

  3. Thanks Sangeetha. I’m not too fond of very blond highlights and I’m so glad the stylist could do what I wanted 🙂

  4. i love it, esp the subtleness of the whole look and yet dramatically so different on you!

  5. Makeupmirrornme says: Reply

    The highlights look quite natural and subtle. Nice.

  6. What a great hair experience. I love how it looks so natural and subtle. really lovely new look for the new year 🙂

  7. Poutpretty says: Reply

    Loving your new hair! And those shades 😀

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