Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You – Unboxing, Contents and Review

Friday night, while I was enjoying a romantic date night with my husband, I got an email that really disappointed me. It was from my absolute favourite beauty box service, Memebox, stating that they were going to discontinue shipping to India due to Customs and shipment issues. I don’t think anybody has paid as much Customs Duty for Memeboxes as I have and yet, not once have I complained to Memebox about it. I paid the duty since the boxes always (well, almost always) were really good value for money.
Anyway, since the 15th of January is the last date that they will ship to India, I thought I’d quickly review the Thanksgiving and Dirty Gal boxes and give you the codes in case you guys want to buy any of the available boxes or stuff from the Memeshop. My Anniversary box is with the Mumbai Customs since the 12th of December and I really hope that it arrives soon. Wonder what they’re doing with it since a fortnight!
For Thanksgiving, Memebox had released two boxes, one was “For Me” and “For You”. Here is the

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You

Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You - Unboxing, Contents and Review
Memebox Thanksgiving Box Collection #2 For You - Unboxing, Contents and Review
The Thanksgiving Boxes came in a special orange Thanksgiving edition box. Though I thrash the Memeboxes almost immediately after they arrive and I sort and stash the contents, this box is a keeper.
“Looking for a unique way to say thanks to that special someone this fall season? Need a gift for your mom, sister or friend hosting 2014 Thanksgiving holiday dinner? Then opt for this ready-made luxury gift box, specially designed with a Thanksgiving themed box design and a personal Thanksgiving holiday greeting! Pamper that special lady with this limited edition bursting with the ultimate collection of K-beauty skincare, makeup and more!”
This Thanksgiving box had not 5, not 6 but 8 full-sized products!
* Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer 30ml ($50)
* Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream 50ml ($18)
* Shara Shara Brush Set ($24)
* Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm 12g ($24)
* Peripera Heart Glow Stick 02 Gold Aura 6.5g ($14)
* With Shyan Nail Lacquer 15ml ($4)
* Saracen Fluorescent Glitter 13g ($6)
* Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet 23ml x 2 ($2)
Lets take a closer look at each…


Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer in Memebox Thanksgiving box #2 For You
Now, I’m not really a primer person. If you’ve seen some of my makeup looks, you’ll realise that I prefer to use the fewest possible products to achieve a nice look in the quickest time possible. This primer is about to change that! Not only does this primer have a lovely, luxe packaging, it also has a hydrating formula with a blend of lavender water and bergamot leaf extracts making it perfect for use for this party season. It has “glitter” in it to give a radiant look.
Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer swatch
Vivito Illust Lumiere Primer swatch blended
Can you see the pink sheen and the tiny shimmers in this partially blended swatch? I have tried to capture it on the camera but it was quite difficult. The Illust Lumiere Primer gives a cool rosy-tinted radiance to the face. You have to use it sparingly though, or you’ll end up looking like a “Shiny disco ball”!


Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream in Memebox Thanksgiving Box #2 For You
Just how cute is that sleeping polar bear cub? And don’t miss it’s crown and the cute igloo! Besides having an adorable packaging, this Miracle Multi Cream has an impressive ingredient list…
Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream ingredients.
This cream has 30 different kinds of plant oils including grape seed, rosehip, evening primrose jojoba, ginger root, green tea seed, sesame seed and others! It has a balm-like texture and a pleasant lemony fragrance. The cream melts easily on the skin and gets absorbed well too. I wouldn’t use it for regular use, but it is excellent for the severely dry areas like the knees and elbows. My kids also get dry patches on the backs of the thighs and this cream worked wonders on it. Even after their shower the next day, the skin was soft and smooth and there was no dryness or flakiness on their thighs.
A tiny bit of this cream can also be used on the hair to smooth down the frizz and flyaways. Truly multi-use!
Shara Shara Miracle Multi Cream texture


Shara Shara Brush Set in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
This is the first time that I’ve received a brush set in the Memebox. The set of five brushes are housed in a pretty metallic pink, satin-lined pouch.
Shara Shar Brush set in Memebox Thanksgiving Box #2 For You
The brushes seem to be of decent quality. There is a fat brush for powder, two brushes and one sponge-tipped applicator for the eyes and one lip brush. I used the powder brush for applying blush and really liked it.


Vivito Painting Sweet Lip Balm in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
I really like the packaging of the Vivito products. The gold outer carton with the embossed writing, the orange metallic tin with the screw-on lid, what’s not to love? Add to that a lip balm that looks like orange jelly and smells like orangeade! Wow! This lip balm has been formulated with orange peel oil, grape extracts, blackberry extracts and Vitamin E and I would have started using it immediately if I didn’t already have loads of tinted balms open already. Had I got the Grape Farm variant, which is colourless, it would already be nourishing my lips.


Buy it here.
Peripera Heart Glow Stick in Gold Aura from Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
The house-shaped outer carton is adorable and at first look, the Glow stick reminded me of one of my favourite cream blushes from Clinique. That blush, however was more bronze while this Peripera one is a pale gold and is a highlighter more than a blush. It is also similar to the cream shimmer “anywhere” from the Ultraflesh Shinebox and would also look beautiful as a sheer wash of pale gold on the eyelids. The Glow stick is creamy and easy to blend and claims to be formulated with hyaluronic acid, marine collagen and deep ocean water (!!!).


with Shyan nail lacquer in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You.
Incredibly pigmented and applies without streaking, this is quite a nice polish. The bottle reminds me of Deborah Lipmann polishes with a slightly longer handle. These were randomly selected from Blue Violet (which I got), Neon Green, Pink Lady and Neon Purple. Though it looks more blue in the pictures, in natural daylight, it looks deep violet on my nails.
With Shyan nail lacquer in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
Just one coat! With a few Saracen glitters on the ring finger.


Saracen glitter in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
These were randomly chosen from gold, silver, black and blue (which I got). I’m not really a glitter person, especially not blue glitter and I did try putting some on the ring finger but then lost patience half way. I’ll probably give this to a friend who likes glitter and tons of bling.

PURE SMILE ESSENCE MASK SHEET in Milk and Strawberry Milk

Pure Smile Essence Mask Sheet in Memebox Thanksgiving #2 For You
These were randomly selected from Milk and Strawberry Milk so there are chances that some people got two of the same kind. I, luckily, got one of each. I’ve used the Milk Essence mask that I got in the Milk Memebox earlier and quite liked it. I was never a fan of sheet masks earlier but Memebox has changed me!


Three skincare products, four makeup products and one brush set; this is certainly a “well-rounded” box and would be a wonderful gift for anyone. I really liked all the products in the box, except for the glitter. I hope Memebox reconsiders it’s decision to stop delivering to India because these boxes are truly a wonderful way of getting great quality Korean beauty products. I can’t stress enough how thankful my skin is to Memebox for transforming it.
Here are the December codes if you’d like to stock up on boxes (there are a few still available) and Memeshop items:
ERMBZ1 and H07XO1 – $5 off on a purchase of $30 or more (Codes are good for $5 off any purchase over $30, shipping and handling not included. Please note that this code is not valid for $5 Steals category. Coupons are limited to one use per customer and cannot be combined with any other coupon code.) One time use only!
MEMEBUNDLE3 –  Get $5 off when you buy 3 Memeboxes together.
MEMEBUNDLE4 – Get $8 off when you buy 4 Memeboxes together.
* AFFILIATE-6627-I6AHM-NYMK – $5 off on orders above $100.

AFFILIATE-6279-BE64B-CUQQ – $10 off on orders above $150.

(You don’t need to enter the last two codes if you use my link to purchase. They would be applied automatically to your order.)

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