Monsoon Ready Hair With Juice Salon

Monsoon haircut with Juice Salon

I love the rains. The cool breeze, the sound of the rain on the windows, the petrichor (smell of wet earth after the first rains). My hair, however, doesn’t really lile the rains. It becomes an unbelievabley shapeless frizzball that holds no style for longer than an hour. So when Juice Salon came out with their monsoon specific haircuts, I was excited to see how they could help me transform my hair. You must have already seen the picture on instagram if you follow me there. Check out the tag #GetTheLookWithJuice to see the other monsoon-ready haircuts…..

Monsoon haircut with Juice Salon

As you all know, I love straight, long hair. The monsoons,  however, isn’t really the right time to fiddle around with hair irons because the slightest drizzle would mean that the hair you spent so time on, would be a frizz-ball in a matter of minutes! Inas, the hairdresser at the Juice Salon,  Colaba where I got my haircut, told me that it would be better to work with the natural texture of my hair and enhance the curls. My hair has always been wavy and scchizophrenic. It becomes straighter in dry weather and curlier as the humidity increases. Also, I wanted a style that was low-maintenance and pretty much wash-and-go since I don’t have time to fuss and style my hair everyday.

Monsoon haircut with Juice Salon

I have been getting my hair cut in layers since more than a decade now but of course, the layers had grown out since my last hair cut. My bangs too had grown quite long. Since Ididn’t want to go too short, Inas just trimmed my layers and cut my bangs shorter.

Monsoon haircut with Juice Salon

As decided, we were going to play with the natural texture of my hair to get a fuss-free style that would hold up well in the humidity. So, after the cut, she put some TiGi Ego Boost on my hair (it’s a leave in conditioner to protect from frizz and humidity) and then blow-dried my hair with a diffuser……

Monsoon haircut with Juice Salon

And voila!  A fresh new look for the monsoons that works well even if you get caught in a downpour. And best of all, it doesn’t take time to style and  doesn’t require too much heat or styling products. I can pin up my bangs when I’m at home and don’t want the hair coming in my eyes, I can definitely iron it straight when I want to or, best of all, I can simply wash – scrunch – go.

What do you think of this look? Do let me know.


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  1. Oooh the waves suit you so so well! I need to try scrunching my hair.

    1. Thanks Lisha 🙂

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