Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review

Maskeraide Face Mask Review

When I first started using sheet masks, I quite disliked them. Slowly they grew on me as kept trying out different ones and started liking the cool sensation of the mask on my face as well as the instant boost of hydration they gave my skin. What became challenging, though, was finding good sheet masks with ingredients listed in English and which wouldn’t attract the attention of the notorious Mumbai Customs Department. That’s when I “discovered” Maskeraide Sheet Masks – not only are they available in India, they are also free of nasties! After trying out all 6 of the variants available in India and ordering a fresh set of all 6 it was time to let you, the readers know about these masks. So read on to know more about the Maskeraide Sheet Masks.

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide Sheet Masks

About Maskeraide

“MaskerAide is the new beauty must-have that’s perfect for every lifestyle… and the most sensitive of skintypes. From beach babes, to jetsetting CEOs, to brides and mothers… we have got you covered. 

Our sheet masks are drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum that is so jam packed with vitamins and nutrients that we are surprised we got the package closed! After the serum base is mixed, we continue the process by adding specially formulated ingredients to each mask to target the specific concerns of fabulous women!”

Currently, there are 6 variants of Maskeraide sheet masks available in India:

  • MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Sheet Mask
  • MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask
  • MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask
  • MaskerAide Detox Diva Sheet Mask
  • MaskerAide All Nighter  Sheet Mask
  • MaskerAide Pre-Party Prep Sheet Mask

Maskeraide uses  two types of highly concentrated serums in their masks – one is a clear based serum and the other is a cream based one. The first three masks mentioned above (Beauty Rest’ore, Weather Warrior and I Don’t Wanna Grow Up) are cream based ones and are thus richer and more hydrating. The latter three (Detox Diva, All Nighter and Pre-Party Prep) are clear serum based and lighter in texture. All the Maskeraide masks feel really cool and soothing on the skin even if you don’t keep them in the fridge. I started keeping all my sheet masks in the fridge to make them extra cool to help me combat this crazy heat. All the masks have a mild fragrance with some having a more noticeable fragrance than others but none smell synthetic or annoying.

MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Sheet Mask (₹460)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
MaskerAide Beauty Rest’ore Sheet Mask

As the picture on the mask packaging suggests, this mask is to be used at bedtime so that it can “restore, regenerate and repair your skin leaving it silky, smooth and supple by morning”After cleansing my face at bedtime, I put on this mask while I read for about half an hour (I have to read each night), then removed the mask, patted in the excess serum and went to sleep. My skin was so plump and refreshed in the morning! It looked really bright and the fine lines were less noticeable. While it is meant for all skin types, my personal advice to oily-skinned girls would be to dab away (not rinse) the excess serum before hitting the bed.

Beauty Rest’ore is infused with Argan Oil, Super Fruit Extracts, Green Algae and Vitamin E. It also has Lavender oil and smells wonderful.

Maskeraide Beauty Rest’ore Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Beauty Restore ingredients
Maskeraide Beauty Restore ingredients

MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask (₹400)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask

Weather Warrior is  the Maskeraide sheet mask for skin exposed to extreme heat or cold. If you’ve been out in the sun all day or have come back from a holiday in a cold place and suddenly face the terrible heat, then this mask is what you need. “WEATHER WARRIOR mask with Aloe, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Argan Oil to help soothe, calm and heal your skin allowing it to breathe a sigh of relief.” It has a very faint fragrance of green tea. I used it when my face had a red rash  from the sudden rise in temperature and it helped in soothing the itchy rash .

MaskerAide Weather Warrior Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Weather Warrior ingredients
Maskeraide Weather Warrior ingedients.

MaskerAide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask (₹460)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask

I loved the picture for this mask – the Maskeraide Maven bathing in the Fountain of Youth – don’t we all sometimes wish we could do that? This is an intensely hydrating mask that “that helps to prevent and combat the signs of aging while nourishing your skin. It provides deep hydration and delivers a healthy dose of age-defying ingredients including natural Ylang-Ylang Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Elastin to help diminish fine lines and bring out your youthful glow”. As with Beauty Rest’ore this mask too, is best used at bed time so that your skin can soak in the serum and get extra nourishment while you get your beauty sleep.

It has a very pleasant fragrance that I can’t exactly describe but smells similar to The Body Shop Drops Of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask.

Maskeraide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Grow Up ingredients
Maskeraide I Don’t Wanna Grow Up Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Detox Diva Sheet Mask (₹400)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide Detox Diva Sheet Mask

My absolute favourite of the lot, Detox Diva has a lovely geranium + citrus fragrance that freshens you up. I was battling three massive pimples that had suddenly erupted on my face and while this mask didn’t magically zap them away, it did help in reducing the redness and size of the pustule. The Maskeraide sheet mask Detox Diva “helps to minimize pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals without removing your skin’s essential natural oils. Chinese Plum, Strawberry and Lemon Fruit Extracts go to work to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells revealing clear luminous skin, while Argan Oil and Honey keep your skin happy and hydrated.”

Maskeraide Detox Diva Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Detox Diva ingredients
Maskeraide Detox Diva Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide All Nighter Sheet Mask (₹460)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide All Nighter Sheet Mask

Off all the Maskeraide sheet masks, this one is a zingy “wake-up” call for tired, sleep deprived skin. Besides the cooling sensation this one tingles slightly (but doesn’t burn or sting) because of the peppermint oil in it and smells amazingly minty too. This mask will ” help de-puff and awaken your eyes, while natural Peppermint Oil awakens your senses. Aloe, Argan Oil, Heartleaf (a powerful detoxifier), Honey, Super Fruit and Cactus Extracts work together to erase the signs of the previous night and get you “boardroom” ready!”

Maskeraide All Nighter Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide All Nighter ingredients
Maskeraide All Nighter Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask (₹460)

Maskeraide Sheet Mask Review
Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask

This is the only Maskeraide sheet mask that I rinse off because while it did make my skin very smooth and made it appear brighter, it extra serum felt sticky while applying foundation so I had to rinse it off thoroughly. Of all the Maskeraide sheet masks, this one has the faintest fragrance that to me smelt like sugar syrup. When used before a big night out, the Pre Party Prep mask’s “silky, lightweight blend of natural Argan Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Super Fruit Extracts, Rice Extract and Honey to energize, hydrate, brighten and prime your skin for a flawless and velvety-smooth finish.”

Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask Ingredients

Maskeraide Pre Party Prep ingredients
Maskeraide Pre Party Prep Sheet Mask Ingredients

Here’s what Maskeraide says about what sets apart their sheet masks from others:

EFFECTIVE – Provides skin with a bottles worth of nutrition and hydration in one mask and in a short period of time.

ANTI-BACTERIAL – Due to its moisture management, our sheet mask material TENCEL® is anti-bacterial.

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Our masks smooth fiber surface feels soft and supple against the skin. Our formula is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types.

MINIMAL ECO FOOTPRINT – Our masks are eco-friendly! The outer package of the mask is recyclable while the sheet mask is biodegradable (certified 100% biodegradable by the International Forest Stewardship Council). Our masks are made from a natural cellulose found in wood pulp from sustainable eucalyptus tree farms (no old growth forests, genetic manipulation, irrigation, or pesticides are used). These forests and the pulp produced for our masks have earned Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification that the products come from socially and environmentally responsible forests. The European Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification has also endorsed the farming practices of the pulp as sustainable. This material eliminates the negative environmental impacts of the more common traditional fibers that other sheet mask companies use.

NON-TOXIC – The chemicals used to produce our masks are non-toxic. In addition, the cellulose or ground pulp used is treated in what is known as a closed loop process in which these solvents are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5%. The tiny amount of remaining emissions is decomposed in biological purification plants. Because of the nature of the material, the processing never requires bleach. This overall method of manufacturing fabric was awarded the “European Award for the Environment” by the European Union.


  • Parabens
  • Harsh Dyes & Pigments
  • Mineral Oils
  • Artificial Fragrances
  • Benzophenone
  • Glycerins

My Views

Maskeraide masks have become my favourite sheet masks especially because they are easily available. Besides, these masks are manufactured in Korea and you all know about my obsession with Korean skincare. While they are certainly expensive at ₹400+ a mask, they have really good ingredients, no nasties and are bio-degradable as well. Best of all, you get sheet masks made in Korea with the ingredient list in English and without having to pay customs duty! The Maskeraide masks are available individually and in packs of 2s and 3s on Purplle and Nykaa.

Have you tried Maskeraide masks? What are your favourite kind of sheet masks? I’d love to know so tell me in the comments below.

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  1. Great post! I’ve been loving the MOND’SUB sheet masks lately….don’t see a lot of people talking about them though. I’ve done reviews on them on my blog…
    I’ve also got an amazing discount /coupon code if you wanna buy,so check out the blog for details 👍🏼

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