Lakme CC Transform Cream Review and Swatches

Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review

My laptop is finally back from the service center so I can get back to blogging! I did try to blog from my phone but for some reason, I was unable to attach the images to the post. Anyway, let’s get back to the the task at hand which is the review of the new Lakme CC Transform Cream. If you’ve been living under a rock you don’t know what BB and CC Creams are, then BB (Blemish Balm) and CC (Color Correcting) are mutli-tasking skincare/makeup hybrid products that give a light veil of colour while moisturising the skin and, in some cases, protecting it from the sun as well. As the name suggests, a CC – or a Colour Correcting – cream usually balances out some of the imperfections in the skintone – 0redness  or sallowness – and corrects the skin making it appear brighter and even toned. So let’s take a closer look at the Lakme CC Transform Cream….

Lakme CC Transform Cream Review and Swatches

Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review

About the Lakme CC Transform Cream

Price ₹325 for 30g. Available here.

“Instantly brightens, conceals, evens skin tone, moisturises, freshens and protects. This colour changing cream starts like a freshness cream and finishes like makeup to give you skin that looks styled by an expert, everyday. ” 

The Lakme CC Transform Cream is available in two shades, Beige and Bronze. While two shades might not seem to be adequate for all skintones, this cream adapts a bit to a person’s skintone and hence would suit most skin tones. This “Instant Skin Stylist” as Lakme calls it also has SPF 30 PA++ to protect the skin from UV damage.

Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review


The Lakme CC Transform Cream comes in a  pale peach tube with a rose gold cap. The label on the tube has an ombre effect graduating from white to a peach towards the top of the tube. This is to depict the colour transforming feature of the cream that starts off as white and gradually builds up colour as it is blended. The fact that it is a tube makes it very travel-friendly and convinient to use.

Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review

Texture, Finish and Coverage

Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review

Both variants of the Lakme CC Transform Cream start off white in colour. In fact, it is difficult to tell both shades apart till you start blending them. The cream is thick with microscopic grey colour-beads in it. When you blend the CC Transform Cream, it is these beads that break and change the colour making your skin appear brighter and giving it a light coverage. It is easy to blend and settles down to a dewy, radiant finish. Those with combination / oily skin would need to set it with powder or blot the T-zone which will get shiny in a  couple of hours. As with most Lakme skincare products, this cream too, has quite a strong fragrance that might irritate sensitive skin.

As mentioned, the Lakme CC Transform Cream gives a light coverage which evens out the skintone. It doesn’t, however, conceal any spots or marks you may have on the face nor any dark circles.


Lakme CC TRansform Cream Review

When I first swatched these creams, I felt that Beige was too light for me while Bronze was perhaps close enough. Upon actual usage, I realised that when blended and set, Beige was perfect for my skin while Bronze was a bit too dark. In these swatches, I haven’t completely blended the creams so they look slightly lighter than they are. You have to give these a few seconds to set after blending so that you can see the exact shade.

My Views

The Lakme CC Transform Cream works wonderfully as a tinted moisturiser and is great for daily wear. I like the fact that  it has SPF for UVB protection and PA++ for UVA protection. However, living in a tropical country such as India, relying only on  a BB or CC cream for sun protection isn’t a good idea. The quantity of the CC cream that we apply is usually too small to give adequate sun protection so it is advisable to apply sunscreen as well if you’re going to be out in the sun.

Have you tried the Lakme CC Transform Cream? What are your thoughts on it? Do let me know in the comments below.



4 Replies to “Lakme CC Transform Cream Review and Swatches”

  1. I have garnier BB cream & i dont like it . it makes my skin sweat a lot. Is this cream suitable for combination skin ?

    1. I personally don’t find this CC Cream as sticky as some other BB creams. But it’s always better to try out a bit on your cheek/jaw and see if that part becomes sweaty.

  2. Sonali Saxena says: Reply

    i hd lakme bb cream i jus lov it 😍😍&

    i guess bronze wil suit me☺☺nvr tried
    cc creams tho i hv redmes over my cheeckss always hop it wl hlp
    wl gv it a try 😊☺

    1. Give it a try. It won’t make the redness go away but will certainly make your skin appear more even-toned and brighter.

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