SAFER Smart Pendant – A Must-Have For All Girls

Safer Smart Pendant review

The safety of our loved ones is the most important thing on everyone’s minds these days especially when you read of horrific incidences in the newspapers. AWhile browsing through the Smytten app on my phone, the last thing I expected to find was a device that helped keep loved ones safe and I decided to order one for myself to see exactly how it works. What I like about Smytten is that you have the option to try out samples of the products before you buy the full size and this holds true for devices such as the SAFER Smart Pendant as well.  Not only is this a safety device, it looks like a piece of jewelry! I am talking about the SAFER Smart Pendant so if you want more details on this device, read on…

Safer Smart Pendant review

About SAFER Smart Pendant

Price ₹2,499. Available on the Smytten App.

“SAFER is the ultimate gift to keep your loved ones safe. When connected with the Safer by Leaf app via bluetooth, this beautiful pendant works as a safety device. A double press on the switch at the back of the pendant sends an SOS alert to your guardians along with the location. It also shows you the route to the nearest hospital or police station.”

Safer Smart Pendant review

As they say, “Never judge a book by it’s cover” , so also, don’t judge this pendant and dismiss it as just another fashion accessory because it is so much more than that. The SAFER comes in a round white jewelry box with an instruction manual, warranty card, USB charger and a key ring so that you can use it as a key chain if you don’t want to wear it around your neck. I think that is a really good option because it’s not just girls who are unsafe; young boys are too and they can use the SAFER as a keychain.

Safer Smart Pendant review

Safer Smart Pendant review

This is what the back of the SAFER Smart Pendant looks like. The triangle in the center of the pendant is what you need to double press to send out the SOS alert. When you unscrew the pendant and open it up, this is what it’s like….

Safer Smart Pendant review

There is the cut glass that forms the front of the pendant, the brushed steel rear and the white disk with the steel triangle is the actual “technology” that keeps you safe. On the base of that white disc is the USB port for charging the device.

Safer Smart Pendant review

If you are going to a new area or with some people for the first time, you can also share your live location with your loved ones to keep them updated on your exact whereabouts.

When you double press the button, an SOS SMS goes out to the people marked on your emergency list (you can add upto 5 people) along with a map showing your exact location. At the same time, the map also guides you to the nearest police station or hospital should you need any kind of assitance from the police or medical help. I think this is a fabulous feature and really useful too.

Safer Smart Pendant review

You also have the option of calling up the police yourself or, if the “danger” has been averted, you can also press the “I Am Safe” option which sends out another SMS to your contacts stating that you are safe.

My Views

I think this is a fabulous device that is a great gift for all our loved ones, not just the girls. It is a must-have for  your daughter/sister/wife who has to work late or who is going for a girls’ night out. Or even your elderly mother who might be alone at home. Basically, it is a very useful device for everyone and I was really impressed with it which is why I decided to write this post and spread the word about the SAFER Smart Pendant. As mentioned above, the Smytten app gives you the option to try out the device for a few days before you decide to buy it. So while I would say “highly recommend” for a beauty product, for the SAFER Smart Pendant, I would say it is a “Must Have”!

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  1. It’s the lid of a marble jewellery box Renji.
    I agree, this pendant is really very useful for all females which is why I decided to write this post and spread the word.

  2. thats a marble top right…I also have it… This pendant looks amazing! It’s very useful for girls

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