Fiama Scents Body Wash – Perfect for Active Women

Fiama Scents Body Wash

Being a mother and a blogger, I am always on the go with my day starting anytime between 5-6am!  From dropping kids for football to going for my morning walk or pilates session to volunteering in school for various activities to attending events my days are usually packed and I need my body wash to be able to keep up with me. Yes, I do apply deo and perfume but I want my body wash to have a long-lasting fragrance too.

When the Fiama Scents body wash were launched, I was very curious to see if they lived up to their claims of “8 hour fragrance release”. When I had initially received the PR package, I had several queries asking me to review them. Now, after having used up several bottles of both these (both variants smell wonderful), I decided to pen down my thoughts on these shower gels which have such a wonderful, long-lasting fragrance.

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash in the son’s bathroom.

Fiama Scents Body Wash

Price Rs. 199 / 250ml, Rs. 55 / 100ml

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash

“Keep your mood uplifted after every bath with Fiama Scents Body Wash which is made using our best ever fragrance technology. This unique body wash with 8 hour touch activated fragrance encapsulation technology has skin- friendly beads that get locked on to your skin when you bathe. These beads can be unlocked with just a rub, anywhere for up to 8 hours after your shower. Indulge in a fun, foamy bathing experience with the exotic fragrances of juniper berries and geranium flowers and enjoy its long lasting freshness. It doesn’t just keep you fresh for up to 8 hours, it also showers love on your skin and keeps you moisturised. Fiama Scents Body Wash will uplift your every sense and keep you happy after every bath. All you need to do to enjoy the Fiama Scents Body Wash experience is to follow three easy steps – wash, dry and touch to activate.”

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash in Mimosa & Neroli.

The Fiama Scents Body Washes are available in two variants – Juniper & Geranium and Mimosa & Neroli. These two have a permanent presence on my bathroom shelf and are the body washes I have been using since months. I shower with this in the morning and, after a busy day of pilates and meetings etc, when I pick up my boys from school and they hug me, they can still smell the faint traces of this shower gel. This is also thanks to the unique “Touch activated fragrance encapsulated fragrance technology” which locks the fragrance onto the skin. When you rub your skin during the course of the day, the fragrance is released making you smell fresh. When I had first seen this claim, I was a bit sceptical about it but I have to say that it does work. Of course, the fragrance is very faint after a long, active day but at least it helps mask the smell of sweat! And yes, this does have SLS but then so do some of my favourite body washes from international brands.

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash in Juniper & Geranium

A small amount of this body wash creates a good lather which gently cleans the skin without leaving it dry making it perfect for my dry skin. The bottle has a flip top cap which snaps shut and is leak-proof thus making it ideal for travel as well.

Fiama Scents Body Wash
Fiama Scents Body Wash

Over the years, I have used countless body washes and I have to say that among Indian brands, Fiama Scents Body Wash is among those that has the longest lasting fragrance. Manufactured by ITC, Fiama is one of India’s leading personal care brands that regularly launches innovative products. I also love their hand washes with the “Happy” variant being my favourite.

Have you tried the Fiama Scents Body Wash? Which is your favourite variant? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Loved the review💗💗

  2. Manisha meena says: Reply

    I used fiama body wash really is amazing eski khushboo 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰

  3. Anita Singh says: Reply

    Fiama k pehle wale body wah bhi use kiye hain aur isme se juniper wala bhi laayi hu
    Personally use nahi karti per husband n bitiya k liye hain ye
    After bath pura din mera room fresh fragrance se smell karta rehta hai, dono ko hi ye body wash bahut pasand hai, tour per bhi sath jaata hai 😍😍

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