Gia Bath And Body Works – Luxurious, Cruelty-Free Products

Gia Bath and Body Works

Had Gayatri Brown, the lady behind the brand Gia Bath And Body Works, been a student at Hogwarts, she would have undoubtedly been Professor Snape’s favourite student in Potions. Because honestly, her body butters, body washes, body polishes and all other deliciously scented concoctions are nothing short of magic! I have used some of her products […]

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi Review – Does It Love Your Feet?

Our feet are probably the most neglected parts of our body. They bear our weight the whole day, get squeezed into fancy shoes, are at an unnatural angle all the time due to heels. Aching feet, callouses, dry, scaly skin leading up to cracks in the heels; all these are the many feet issues we […]

#ExperienceTheEscape At Rewa Escape Spa This Valentine’s Day

Rewa spa review

Imagine this, you and your date at a restaurant filled with couples, the standard, cliched decorations of hearts and balloons and the standard love ballads playing over the music system. Now, imagine this. you and your Valentine in a  peaceful, tranquil cocoon, away from the urban cacophony enjoying a rejuvenating massage followed by a milk bath […]