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This is a long overdue post! I have been promising a blog post / video on my Colourpop collection since quite a while, even though it is quite a small collection and even though I have been using the products very frequently in my makeup looks. I will try and do a video on this too, perhaps a look using only Colourpop products, but till then, here’s a look at my collection along with some swatches. Just keep in mind that it is very difficult to swatch metallic and glitter shades and that these actually look far prettier in real life than they do in the pictures.

By the way, this is NOT A SPONSORED POST. I have bought each product myself (and even paid heavy customs duty for some).

Colourpop review and swatches

About Colourpop Cosmetics

Is there anyone who by now hasn’t heard of Colourpop? This “not-so-little-anymore” cruelty-free brand started out as a boutique brand in 2014 and saw immense success almost immediately because of it’s quality products and affordable pricing. Starting with just liquid lipsticks, they slowly increased the product portfolio to include spongy eyeshadows, blushes and highlighers, and even foundation and concealers. At the time of writing this post, they have also announced the launch of new Jelly eyeshadows which look sooooooo amazing!

Colourpop Out and About review

Colourpop Lipsticks

Lipsticks were the first products that Colourpop launched and, of course, the first products from the brand that I ordered too. My first order was the Out and About lip bundle that included 2 Ultra Mattes lipsticks (shades Times Square and Viper) and 1 Ultra Satin shade (Baracuda). I have done a detailed post on these earlier so you can check that out here. I also bought 3 Ultra Metallic lipsticks in shades Man Eater, Zebra and 3-Way, all of which have been reviewed in this blog post. The only lip gloss that I have from Colourpop is a beautiful peachy pink gloss with gold flecks, Verbatim. Below are the swatches of all these lipsticks.

Colourpop ultra matte, ultra satin and ultra glossy lipstick swatches.
From top to bottom: Times Square, Viper, Baracuda, Verbatim, Man Eater, Zebra and 3-Way.

Colourpop Super Shock Eyeshadows

Colourpop Super shock eyeshadow review and swatches

Like I mentioned earlier, these eyeshadows are super difficult to photograph, especially the shimmer / glitter ones since they are so multi-dimensional. I haven’t yet tried out their pressed powder shadows and palettes but I absolutely LOVE these Super Shock Shadows. The texture is so incredible – like a damp sponge – and they have a creme to powder finish.

Colourpop Super Shock shadows review and swatches
From top to bottom: Truth, Frog, Lala, Nillionaire, So Quiche.

The first eyeshadow set that I bought from Colourpop was the Mile High set which had 6 Super Shock Shadows – Truth, Nillionaire, Lala, So Quiche, Cricket and Mittens. Later, I also bought the shades Lit Year and Coconut as well as the Times Infinity set which was a trio with shades Issa, Wittle and Frog.

Colourpop super shock shadow review and swatches
From top to bottom : Wittle, Coconut, Lit Year, Cricket, Issa, Mittens.

Trust me, these swatch pictures do absolutely no justice to how incredibly beautiful these eyeshadows really are. The best way to apply them is with the finger tips and they make doing a smoky eye / glittery eye very easy. Below is one of the tutorials in which I have used one of these shades.

Lit Year and Coconut are also shadows that I have worn very frequently for looks and they look amazing. The glitter shadow can also be worn as a subtle day look and you can check that tutorial here. I shall surely do a couple of tutorials featuring them soon.

Colourpop Supernova Shadow

If you are a glitter lover, you’ll fall in love with the Colourpop Supernova Shadows which are liquid glitter eyeshadows that are extremely easy to apply and blend and last long without any fallout! While all the shades are very tempting, I bought 3 of them – Walk of Fame (limited edition), Firecracker and Now or Never (which seems to be discontinued).

Colourpop Supernova shadows review and swatches
From Top to Bottom: Now or Never, Walk of Fame, Firecracker.

Now or Never is a very pretty neutral lavender shade with gold and silver glitter, Walk of Fame (copper with gold glitter) and Firecracker (burgundy with gold, silver and green glitter though the green isn’t very noticeable). You can see how Walk of Fame looks on my eyes in this tutorial here and Firecracker in this tutorial.

Colourpop Supernova shadow review and swatches
From top to bottom: Now or Never, Walk of Fame, Firecracker

The other eye product that I have from Colourpop is a brow pencil which is very convenient for travels.

Colourpop Super Shock Blush & Lustre Dust Highlighters

Colourpop Supershock blush and Lustre dust highlighter review and swatches
From top to bottom: Lustre Dust in Aura Voir, Just for Us and Supershock Blush in Drop Of A Hat.

The Colourpop Supershock Blush in the shade Drop of a Hat is MY FAVOURITE BLUSH! I honestly can’t describe how beautiful it is though it looks quite unwearable in the pot. It has the same spongy, bouncy texture as the Supershock eyeshadows and being a perlised shade, gives a beautiful, lit-from-within kind of flush. In fact, I don’t even need a highlighter with this shade. The intensity can be built up as much as you like and sometimes, I do enjoy that heavily flushed cheeks kinda look. If you have medium tan skin tone then this blush is a must have and one I highly recommend.

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The Luster Dust highlighters are loose powder highlighters that are great if you want a high beam glow. Of course, you can tone down the intensity too. I want to try out the Supershock highlighters but am resisting the temptation because honestly, how much highlighter can one use? And these Luster Dust highlighters are going to last me ages!

Colourpop Supershock blush and Lustre dust highlighter review and swatches
From top to bottom: Just for Us, Aura Voir and Drop of a Hat.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer

I have worn the Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer only 4 times so far but I already love them both. As promised, they do give a soft matte finish and what amazed me was how beautifully it lasted on me for over 9 hours!

Colourpop No Filter Foundation & Concealer review and swatch
Colourpop No Filter Foundation in shade 110 and Concealer in shade 26.

I was a little confused while choosing the Foundation shade but finally, decided to go for Medium 110 which is described as a “Warm foundation with rich golden undertones for medium-tan skintones”. This is a near-perfect match for me, perhaps just a wee bit too warm and doesn’t give any cakey, mask-like finish. For concealer, based on my foundation shade, the website recommended shade Medium 28. However, for my dark circles, I decided to go for a shade lighter and chose Medium 26 and together, they both make my skin look fabulous.

Check out this, this and this picture on Instagram to see how they both look on my skin under different light conditions.

This has become a super long post and I’m sure by now it is clear that I absolutely LOVE Colourpop products. They are cruelty-free, are of really good quality, have a great texture and longevity, amazing shade range and are very affordable too! What I dislike is having to pay customs duty on my Colourpop orders but that is not the brand’s fault. If you haven’t added Colourpop to your makeup kit as yet, you are really missing out on some wonderful products. If nothing else, do check out the Super Shock Eyeshadows and Blush.

What is your favourite Colourpop product? Do let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Looks like colourpop provides the best range of eye shadows. Can’t wait to try out the jelly eye shadows. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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