Memebox Special #42 OMG3 – Unboxing, Contents and Review

Two days after the Memebox OMG2 arrived, I received it’s next version, the OMG3, which claimed to have the weirdest, coolest and most eye-brow raising beauty trends from Korea, even more so than it’s versions 1 and 2.This time, I wanted to try out all the products before writing this post. I loved all the products […]

A Beautiful World Spring-Summer ’14 Sampler Box Contents – Rs. 4k DownThe Drain

After reading Renu’s post on her A Beautiful World (henceforth referred to as ABW) Christmas box, I was really tempted to get one for myself (check out her blog Unfortunately, they were all sold out so I was determined that I would get my hands on the Spring Summer box since it has organic and […]

Contents of the Glam Guru Beauty Box

I have been reading about international beauty boxes on my friend Renu’s blog, I was successfully resisting the temptation to order them..till last month, when I finally caved in and ordered the Glam Guru Beauty Box. This is an Israel based company that offers around 6 beauty boxes each year. The best part about […]

December 2013 Vellvette / FabBag Contents

Hello, I’m back from an awesome holiday and waiting for me was my December ’13 Vellvette bag which has now been re-christened as FabBag. The morning was really hectic as I had to attend my cousin’s wedding so as soon as I reached home from the airport, I dressed, did super-quick makeup and left. I […]