5 Reasons Why I Love The Body Shop Makeup Brushes

The Body Shop Makeup brushes review

When we talk of The Body Shop, the first thing that comes to mind is amazing bath and body products and skincare. Sometimes, even their makeup products. However, one category of products that The Body Shop has that is quite an “unsung hero” are the makeup brushes. I have been using two makeup brushes –the Face […]

Have Healthy, Happy Skin This Winter With The Body Shop Vitamin E Range

The Body Shop Vitamin E Range review

You know that feeling you get when you get into bed on a cold winter night? That cuddly,  comfy feeling you get as you snuggle under your soft,  warm,  cushiony comforter that is just perfect – neither too heavy and rough,  nor too lightweight and static-inducing? That’s exactly how my skin feels when I pamper […]

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub, Mask Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Wash, Scrub, Mask review

While I love multi-tasking products in makeup, for skincare, I believe in different products for specific purposes – like a separate moisturiser and sunscreen – because that is usually the most effective for your skin. However, sometimes, you come across some multi-tasking skincare products that perform beautifully. One of the latest additions to The Body Shop […]

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum Review

The Body Shop Drops Of Light Serum review

This summer and monsoon, my skincare routine has been really minimalist and I don’t layer many products over each other. Since the past month, I have been  using The Body Shop Drops Of Light  Serum as part of my morning routine after cleansing (at night I use the NIOD NAAP). I don’t layer any moisturiser over […]

The No-Makeup Makeup Look – How To

No makeup makeup look

No-Makeup Makeup Look “The best thing is to look natural, But it takes makeup to look natural” – Calvin Klein There are times when we want to just look natural, without any obvious makeup. But it does take some makeup to make one look “naturally beautiful” with even skintone and well defined features. I had […]