Yves Rocher So Elixir Purple EDP And Shower Gel Smell Like The Valley Of Flowers In The Rains….

There are summer fragrances, – light, airy, aquatic- and there are winter fragrances – warm, deep, musky. But here’s a fragrance that I couldn’t initially describe but that somehow, smelt like “monsoon” to me. I’m talking about So Elixir Purple from the botanical French beauty and skincare brand, Yves Rocher…. “Reveal your seductive power with […]

Armani Code EDP Review – Sultry, Sexy Fragrance For Hot Dates On Hot Nights.

My hunt for a bold, sexy replacement for Ralph Lauren’s Glamourous is still on though Armani Code Femme EDP does come quite close. To help in my search, I keep referring to fragranctica.com which lists the main accords for each fragrance. So while the top three accords for Glamourous are “White floral, citrus, tuberose”, the […]

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean EDP Review: My Fragrance For Sultry, Sunny, Summer Days

“Aaj blue hai pani, pani, pani, pani, pani, pani, Aur din bhi sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny”…. Winter has said a` bientot to Mumbai and summer is strongly making it’s presence felt and each time I hear Yo Yo Honey Singh’s Pani Pani song, I just feel like jumping into the cool waters of […]

YSL Cinéma Sparkling EDP Truly Makes Me Feel Red-Carpet Glamorous

There are some fragrances that I keep coming back to irrespective of new launches in the market. Perhaps it is because I find that these fragrances have a unique and distinctive aroma, or maybe they’ve become part of my personality, kinda like my signature scent. Burberry Weekend is one such perfume and YSL Cinéma is another […]

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Wash, Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist:Review

I love fragrances (who doesn’t) and one of my favourite ones is Very Sexy from Victoria’s Secret. My brother had got me the trio set of body wash, body lotion and fragrance mist in a lovely red handbag 3 years ago and I had absolutely loved the fragrance. Recently, when hubby’s aunt was coming from […]